The Veamex Hybrid Sourcing approach is a business model with two center points of operation, one off-shore and another on-shore in the same area as our customers. Our onsite team deals with customers in person by coordinating the work with the customers, doing complete business analysis and managing the off-shore team.
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Partnership program.

Our offering.

Hybrid outsourcing that just makes sense. Best of both worlds.

Our Partnership Program provides cost-efficient resources and tools needed for success in the market. Along with the industry’s best practices in software development approaches, technologies and services, we deliver comprehensive channel support.

Yes, We’re Open.

Get access to development best practices and a flexible and ready talent pool
Hybrid outsourcing that just makes sense. Best of both worlds.

Our partnership model is based on open processes, an open approach to business, and respect for what customers and partners have built. We will not ask you to abandon your current relationships to collaborate with us, but rather build on your vision of growth and profitability.

For Who?

Respond quickly to new requirements, opportunities and changing conditions.

Our Agile way of working, gives access toa wide pool of external resources and talent enabling our customers to flex-resource up and down with demand.

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Authorized Partner.

Aauthorized Partner is the entry point for new Itransition's channel partners, and comes with a set of default benefits..

Preferred Partner

A Preferred Partner coopertion is the advanced status for our most active partners who achieve and maintain distinctive performance.

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