The Veamex Hybrid Sourcing approach is a business model with two center points of operation, one off-shore and another on-shore in the same area as our customers. Our onsite team deals with customers in person by coordinating the work with the customers, doing complete business analysis and managing the off-shore team.
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Our Profile.

We are digital products builders.

Accumulating tech startups

We've got a strong formula for creating online products and accumulating tech startups. Join us and let's build profitable tech startups together. With our remote teams we aim to build a cost efficient structure. Where we fund the MVP ourselves and therefore lower the risks of our funding partners.

We create digital opportunities.

From idea to MVP or even further

We are in constant analysis to find new online opportunities. We prototype, test and turn ideas into digital products. Whenever we think there's an opportunity on the table, we use our infrastructure to turn the idea into a startup. Then we search the right partners to rocket launch the product (further) onto the market.

The steps.
First step
Idea & conceptualizing

In many cases we’ll kick-start the journey by focusing on core value proposition and identifying the problem the idea solves. We’ll validate assumptions through prototyping and MVP development. And with our broad knowledge of the technology and online marketing industry, we will create a strong package to present to potential investors.

Seed or Serie A & First Funding Round.
Seed or Serie A & First Funding Round.

We will search in and outside our network for funding partners who have a good match with the product idea and the growth path defined for the new start-up.

Third step
Start-up & Accellerating

During the growth Veamex will be supportive with its infrastructure to continuously innovate to stay ahead of the competition, by utilizing a fully managed agile development team equipped with an advanced continuous delivery framework. As partners we will work on accelerating the product innovation cycle to maximize the value of investments.

Fourth step
Growt, Establishment & Expansion

Information will be available soon.

Fifth step
Maturity & Possible Exit or IPO.

Information will be available soon.

Investment Opportunities


When ideas turn into businesses.

Whenever we think there's an opportunity on the table, we pick a good team of specialists with the know-how and the drive to turn the idea into a startup, and with our own infrastructure and resources we fund the minimum viable product, aka MVP development. We will invest in fine tuning the business idea, business plan, development of MVP by utilizing our creative and development team resources, branding and marketing activities using our own marketing team and gathering partners to fund the process of catapulting the product (further) onto the market.


Seed and series A funding

Seed and series A funding


Lucrative exits or IPOs.

It gives us a lot of enjoyment to bring a group of experienced builders, creative thinkers, customers and investors together, whose goal is to transform ideas based on internet into profitable businesses. We want to utilize our existing infrastructures, development and marketing teams and our management entrepreneurship skills to create breakthrough products and to define start-ups with a recurring cumulative revenue model to create stable growth and company value, therefore work to lucrative exits or IPOs.

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