The Veamex Hybrid Sourcing approach is a business model with two center points of operation, one off-shore and another on-shore in the same area as our customers. Our onsite team deals with customers in person by coordinating the work with the customers, doing complete business analysis and managing the off-shore team.
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Development services
Content Management System.
Reduce data management costs
& improve operational efficiency

We deliver a range of services for enterprise content management solutions to assist customers to reduce overhead costs of data management and to improve operational efficiency by enhancing control over their business processes. Our experience range from basic Magento or tailor made content management systems to complex enterprise wide content management solutions with connections to different external and internal applications such as connections to SAP, EXACT, Salesforce, SharePoint and Office 365.

The list below is a quick summary of some of the key technologies we are using.

Hybrid Sourcing.

Hybrid outsourcing that just makes sense. Best of both worlds.

Our business model takes advantage of onsite and offshore services to deliver excellent results to our customers at reduced costs.


Get access to development best practices and a flexible and ready talent pool

We employ talented architects, developers, engineers, testers and designers, who are experts in web and mobile technologies.


Respond quickly to new requirements, opportunities and changing conditions.

Our Agile way of working, gives access to a wide pool of external resources and talent enabling our customers to flex-resource up and down with demand.

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How do we work?

  1. We believe in building long-term relationships based on trust.
  2. We believe in quality. We work only with the best professionals.
  3. We believe in adapting to the customer needs, goals and philosophy.
  4. We believe in a direct and close communication and collaboration.
  5. We believe in tools, methodology and commitment.

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Content Management.

We help customers to cope with managing enterprise data which, nowadays, increases exponentially in volume and is getting more complex in nature.

JavaScript development.

Our JavaScript developers have a lot of experience building state of the art, high performance, responsive and scalable JavaScript applications.

Mobile development.

Information will be available soon.

Frontend development.

We offer high quality frontend development covering all modern technologies. Using an agile approach we deliver timely, cost-effective, reliable results.

Augmented Reality.

We have excellent developers with hands-on experience developing Augmented Reality technology driven solutions. Solutions which are mostly used for creating innovate and interactive user experience.

Gaming development.

We provide full cycle game development services in all major areas of game development that cover game design, art design, animations & programming.