The Veamex Hybrid Sourcing approach is a business model with two center points of operation, one off-shore and another on-shore in the same area as our customers. Our onsite team deals with customers in person by coordinating the work with the customers, doing complete business analysis and managing the off-shore team.
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Agile way of working.

A technical or online marketing project can be managed in numerous ways and at Veamex we’ve encountered most of them. Our flexible and adaptable way of working enables us to follow any of the customers’ preferences or established methodologies. However where there is a choice we will in many cases recommend an Agile way of working for most projects. An approach based around the concept of short development cycles, so called sprints. Each sprint ends with a fully working and tested release to our customer. This release is then reviewed and used to assign priorities for the next sprint.

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Structuring the project like this has a number of advantages:

Closer fit to business needsreleases are shown to users, and their feedback incorporated into subsequent sprints, so the final system will match your needs much better.

Increased qualitySince testing is taking place throughout the project.

FlexibilityRegular reviews may uncover new requirements, which can be addressed as soon as the next sprint – rather than once the final system has been delivered.

Lower costDeveloping the most important features first means you don't waste money building features that end up not being needed.

Greater budget controlOnce enough features have been built, the latest release can go live with only a small amount of additional testing.

Agile perfectly complements the way we like to work, in partnership with our customers and with all parties collaborating to ensure a wholly successful project.

Local-based Architect or Project Manager The projects we execute for our customers are guided by a local-based (onshore) system architect or project manager so that our customers always have a native speaking primary contact to manage their project specifications, feedback, and the offshore team.

Hire Finest Technical Talent We employ talented architects, developers, engineers, testers and designers, who are experts in web and mobile technologies and are trained to understand the business cultures of our customers. Our specialists are dedicated, reliable and innovative.

Operating model Veamex has a flexible operating model, we work with each of our clients to determine the right solution and we design an approach that will work the most effectively for each client. This always begins with helping our clients balance insight and ideals with strategic action.

Hybrid Sourcing.

Hybrid outsourcing that just makes sense. Best of both worlds.

Our business model takes advantage of onsite and offshore services to deliver excellent results to our customers at reduced costs.


Get access to development best practices and a flexible and ready talent pool

We employ talented architects, developers, engineers, testers and designers, who are experts in web and mobile technologies.


Respond quickly to new requirements, opportunities and changing conditions.

Our Agile way of working, gives access to a wide pool of external resources and talent enabling our customers to flex-resource up and down with demand.

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